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Government of India

Ministry of Finance

Department of Revenue

(Central Board of Excise & Customs)


North Block, New Delhi

Dated, the 30th March, 2010



All Chief Commissioners/Directors General under CBEC,

All Commissioners/Directorates under CBEC,

Narcotics Commissioner, Gwalior,

Chief Controller of Factories, Gwalior,

Director (CRCL), New Delhi


Subject: Writing of Annual Performance Appraisal Reports (APARs) of IRS(C&CE) officers from the reporting year 2009 - 10 onwards regarding.




            I am directed to refer to Board's letter No.A-28011/12/2009-EC/Per dated 06.07.2009 communicating the instructions as laid down in Department of Personnel & Training's (DOP&T) OM No.21011/1/2005-Estt.(A)(Pt.II) dated 14.05.2009 regarding procedure to be followed for disclosure of APARs and steps to be taken for disposal of representations by officers reported upon. 


2.         The DOP&T after reviewing the process of preparation and maintenance of Annual Performance Assessment Reports (APARs) with reference to the system being followed in respect of All India Services have issued detailed instructions vide their OM dated 23.07.2009 to be followed by all the Cadre Controlling Authorities while writing APAR from the reporting year 2009-10 onwards.   Some of the salient features of the new APAR format are reproduced below :-


               (i).                A box is to be included in the APAR for reflecting by the reporting officer the pen picture of the officer reported upon where the reporting officer will be required to indicate his comments on the overall qualities of the officer including areas of strengths and lesser strength and his attitude towards the weaker sections. A column will also be added in the section relating to the reviewing authority for giving the reviewing authority"s remarks on the pen picture reflected by the reporting officer. There will be no other separate column in the APAR for overall assessment apart from the pen picture.


              (ii).                A provision is to be made in the APAR in the relevant section for remarks by the reviewing officer to indicate specifically the differences, if any, with the assessment made by the reporting officer, and the reasons therefor.


             (iii).                Numerical gradings on a scale of 1-10 are to be awarded by reporting and reviewing authorities for the quality of work output, personal attributes and functional competence of the officer reported upon.


             (iv).                The format for the purpose of numerical grading in the three areas of work output, assessment of personal attributes and assessment of functional competency is in Annexure-II. The overall grade on a score of 1-10 will be based on 40% weightage on assessment of work output, and 30% each for assessment of personal attributes and functional competency. The overall grading will be based on addition of the mean value of each group of indicators in proportion to weightage assigned.


A copy of DOP&T's OM No.21011/1/2005-Estt.(A) (Pt.II) dated 23.07.2009 is enclosed.


3.         Keeping in view the functional requirements of the IRS(C&CE), a format for writing APAR of officers upto the level of Commissioner of Customs & Central Excise has been prepared after making modifications at appropriate places in the APAR format prescribed for IAS officers.  The revised format has been approved by the Competent Authority and is to be adopted for writing APARs from the reporting year 2009-10 onwards.   The APAR format is available at Department's website (


4.         All Chief Commissioners/Directors General under CBEC are requested to bring DOP&T's instructions on the subject to the notice of officers under their charge for strict compliance.  It may be ensured that the APARs from the reporting year 2009-10 onwards are written in the new format and sent to the Board, duly completed, within the time schedule.

Yours faithfully,


(R. Sanehwal)

Dy. Secretary to the Govt. of India

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    1.     DOP&T's letter dt. 23.07.2009 and guidelines regarding filling up of APAR

    1.     APAR format  [pdf format ]  ||  [MS-Word format]



Copy to:

The Commissioner, Directorate of Publicity & Public Relations, alongwith a copy of APAR format, with the request to get adequate number of copies of the format printed and circulated among all field formations under CBEC by 15th April, 2010.