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Govt. Opium Factory, Ghazipur
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Migration to GST
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Union Territory Tax Notifications

Notification No. & Date of Issue English Hindi Subject
16/2017-Union Territory Tax,dt. 13-10-2017 View (282 KB) देखें(473 KB) Seeks to amend notification No. 2/2017-Union Territory Tax.
03/2017-Union Territory Tax,dt. 28-06-2017 View (282 KB) देखें(473 KB) Seeks to appoints the 1stday of July, 2017, as the date on which the provisions of sections 6 to 16, 18 to 20 and 23 to 26 of Union Territory Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017 (14 of 2017)shall come into force.
02/2017-Union Territory Tax,dt. 27-06-2017 View (121 KB) देखें(49 KB) Seeks to notify the turnover limit for Composition Levy for UTGST
01/2017-Union Territory Tax, dated 21st June, 2017 - देखें(1181 KB) -
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