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Government of India

Ministry of Finance

Department of Revenue

Central Board of Excise & Customs

Directorate General of Human Resource Development

409/8, Deep Shikha, Rajendra Place

New Delhi - 110008

Dated: 22/11/2012

F. No. 8/B/129/DB/HRD(HRM)/2012                                                                                                                               




            The Chief Commissioners of Customs & Central Excise (All),

            The Directors General of Customs & Central Excise (All),

            The Commissioner, Authority for Advance Rulings,

            The CDR, CESTAT, New Delhi.

            The Commissioner of Customs & Central Excise (I/c of Directorates),

            The Commissioner of Narcotics, CBN / Chief Controller of Factories, CCF

            The Commissioner & Secretary, Settlement Commission, New Delhi

            (All By Name)

Subject :- Annual General Transfer - 2013.



            The process of securing options for Annual General Transfers of IRS (C&CE) officers in 2013 is to be completed by 28th December 2012. The transfers would be based on criteria laid down in latest Transfer / Placement Policy of Group A Officers of Indian Revenue Services (C&CE) issued vide F. No. A-22011/03/2008-Ad.II dated 05.04.2011 by the Board. Officers who are due for transfer as per Transfer/Placement policy or requesting for transfer on personal grounds, may be asked to indicate their options for transfer in the enclosed Proforma-I.


2.         Officers of the level of Commissioner may be asked to indicate the names of the station (s) only. Officers in the rank of Addl. / Joint/ Deputy/ Asst. Commissioner may be asked to indicate names of the stations as well as zones since officers at these levels would be posted by the Board only to Chief Commissioners' (Zones) who, in turn, shall place them further in accordance with the transfer policy. The officers may please be asked to ensure that the options given by them are strictly in accordance with the guidelines laid down in transfer policy (as amended) to improve their probability of being posted to a station/zone requested for. Only those representations, which are received through proper channel, would be entertained for consideration. Representations (if any) received directly would not be entertained.


3.        Officers  exercising their option are also required to mention specifically in the Proforma-I whether they are willing to be considered for posting in NACEN, Faridabad and its Regional Training Institutes subject to their eligibility for posting in that Station.


4.         Any representations received for transfer on compassionate grounds from Officers, who are otherwise not due for transfer, should also be accompanied by duly filled in Proforma-I with specific recommendations of the concerned Chief Commissioner / Commissioner I/c of Directorates on the request made. Officers requesting for transfer on medical grounds may be asked to provide documentary evidence to support their representations. Board may also exercise its right to refer such cases to Medical Board for verification of grounds taken.


5.         Proforma II (copy enclosed) may kindly be used to forward, in a consolidated manner, all the options / representations received from various officers in formations headed by you.


6.         It is requested that all options and representations from officers in your zone / charge may be forwarded to this Directorate in a single bunch after duly segregating them according to rank of the officers, with an index of the representations being forwarded. The controlling officers should clearly state in their forwarding letter the relevant paragraph of the Transfer Policy under which such forwarding is being made and may also give their recommendation on the merits of the representation.  All communications may kindly be sent to the Additional Director General (HRM), Directorate General of Human Resources Development, 407/8, Deep Shikha Building, Rajendra Place, New Delhi - 110008 for the sake of consolidation of receipts regarding Annual General Transfer 2013. 


7.         It has been further decided by the Board that any representation received after 28.12.2012 in this Directorate shall not be entertained unless the concerned Chief Commissioner certifies that the representation could not have been submitted by the due date and arose on account of circumstances which emerged after the due date.


8.         The contents of this letter may be brought to the notice of all concerned. As indicated above, Board has fixed 28th December 2012 as the last date of receipt of representations/requests/options. However, it is requested that the exercise be completed as soon as possible to help us consolidate the data at the earliest.


9.         For greater transparency in the AGT-2012 related work, Due List of officers who are due for station transfer prepared on the basis of data available in DGHRD office, has been prepared and placed on the DGHRD website in the (


10.           Board  has  also  directed  that  no  transfer / rotation orders (LRs) involving change of stations would be issued by the field Chief Commissioners in their respective jurisdictions from the date of issue of this letter till the completion of the AGT 2013 exercise. However, in cases of grave and exceptional circumstances such orders (LRs) may be issued by the field Chief Commissioners / Cadre Controlling Commissioners with the prior approval of the Board.


Yours faithfully,



(Karan K.Sharma)

 Director General (HRD)

Encl :  Transfer Proforma I & II

Copy for information to :

The Joint Secretary (Admn), CBEC, North Block, New Delhi