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Government of India

Ministry of Finance

Department of Revenue

Central Board of Excise & Customs


4th  October, 2006



All Chief Commissioner / Directors General



Subject:            Transfer / Placement Policy of Group 'A' officers of Indian Revenue Service (Customs & Central Excise) -2006-2nd Amendment.





I am directed to refer to the Transfer/Placement Policy circulated vide this Department's letter No.C-50/60/2005-Ad.II dated 27.04.2005 and subsequent amendment   dated 30.05.2006 and to say that with the approval of the competent authority, it has been decided to amend the Transfer / Placement Policy so far as it pertains  to deputation of officers under Central Staffing Scheme and under non Central Staffing Schemes and the following new para No.6 is added after para No.5 :


Para 6              Deputation of officers under Central Staffing Scheme and under non-Central Staffing Schemes outside the Department of Revenue.


6.1       An officer may be allowed to go on deputation outside the Department for not more than two terms in his entire career.  However, each term of deputation shall not exceed 6 years and the total tenure of both the deputations shall not under any circumstances exceed 10 years.


6.2       The period of deputation outside the Department shall be excluded for counting towards stay in the 'station' and 'area' tenures of the officer.  However, the same shall be counted if the officer so desires.


6.3       There shall be a cooling off period of 3 years after completion of each period of deputation.  During the cooling off period, the officer will be posted to a location other than the station in which he had been working while on deputation.  Provided, in cases in which the officer has not completed his permissible tenure in that station, the Board may consider posting him in any assignment in that location according to administrative need.


6.4       After return from deputation in Delhi/Mumbai stations, the officer shall ordinarily be posted to a different station for a minimum period of 2 years.  If he is seen to have worked predominantly in 'A' station, he shall invariably be posted to 'B' or 'C' stations.  After 2 years of such posting in 'B' and 'C' stations, the officer could be considered for posting in Delhi/Mumbai or any other 'A' Stations in accordance with the transfer norms and availability of vacancy.


6.5       Requests from State Governments /Central Ministries/ Department /Organisations asking for particular officers by name shall not be entertained.  In all such cases, where there is a request for an officer of the Department, the Board shall first consider whether it is administratively feasible to release an officer on deputation.  If it is found that it is administratively convenient, the offer will be circulated to all officers and willingness for deputation invited.  A panel of shortlisted officers will be forwarded and the approval of the competent authority to the concerned Department or Organisation to select an officer. 


2.         The existing para No.6,7,8,9 and 10  of the Transfer Policy and their respective sub-paras stands renumbered as para 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 respectively.


3.         The following sentences of para 5.5. stand deleted:


"When an officer applies for clearance for a posting on deputation, his previous history of postings will be considered while giving cadre clearance. An officer shall invariably be transferred out of the station in which he was on deputation on his return"

Yours faithfully,


( Hawa Singh )

Under Secretary to the Government of India